Born in Plessis Brion, near Compiègne in France,   Geneviève Bonnetier Jost spent her childhood in Lunéville in Lorraine, then in Sélestat, Alsace, before settling in Quebec in 1967. Fascinated by the arts since childhood, her love of painting will bloom upon reaching North America. An American Primitive Masters exhibition in New York will be particularly influential and has been a strong inspiration ever since.

Over the last 30 years, Geneviève Jost has developed a strong following. She has completed over sixteen solo and many joint international exhibitions in Montreal, North Hatley, Toronto, New York, Abidjan,   Brussels and Morges. She has won many awards at the world-renowned Modern Primitive Art Contest at the Pro Arte Kasper Gallery in Morges, Switzerland. With a production averaging around thirty five paintings per year, her art is on display at several major galleries in Canada, the United States and Europe as well as in several prestigious private collections.

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